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Since September of 1922, KFBK has been serving the Sacramento Valley with news, information and entertainment that keeps people tuned to their radios.  Now in 2022, we are celebrating 100 years of reporting on Sacramento's history, and bringing you major events of the day as they happen, whether here or around the world.

Our team of talented radio professionals has brought listeners of KFBK the news they needed to know for a full century.  You'll hear many of those reports here, now including photos from the time, behind-the-scenes looks, and interviews with the people who've helped bring those stories to you every day, since that fateful day when the KFBK transmitter was first powered up on September 17th, 1922.

This website is a dedication to the work and impact created by KFBK over the last century. This will serve as a timeline for the development of the station as it was launched and adapted to the Sacramento community. This website was made possible thanks to the dedicated staff over the years and the community that welcomed us and still support us.

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